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Run Hip Performance Lab

Become a better athlete

Coming this Fall, we’re adding a studio and performance lab on the second floor.  The performance lab will include a short indoor track, VO2Max testing, video analysis, training classes, Yoga  and technique coaching. Our goal is to help create a culture of fitness in our community.

“Humans are capable of performing an incredible array of tasks…we can perform them extremely well or extremely poorly.”  What Dr. Romanov is saying is that there is a standard or ideal technique for each movement.  

This performance deviation is not caused by your shoes or apparel - it's your technique.  Do you run with pain?  82% of recreational runners are heel strikers.  85% of runners report injuries each year. Shoe design and technology has changed but these numbers have remained constant. 

We teach the Pose Method. Efficient, injury-free movement taught through poses developed by a 2-time Olympic Coach Dr. Nicholas Romanov in 1977 in the former Soviet Union.  It works.


Certified Running Specialist
Romanov Academy of Sports Science - 2015